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Superb & Artisanal


produced by MARUSHO JOZOMOTO company

Flavored Vinegars:


Skilled craftsman Kazuko Kosaka relies on four generations of family experience to create the Marusho fermented vinegars using the same techniques that were employed more than 200 years ago. Fermented and aged for 90 to 500 days in Japanese cedar wood casks, the vinegars are made with rice locally grown on the family estate, and are using water from the Kumano mountains with only the highest quality of natural and local ingredients. 



Our ponzus  are  the authentic ponzu sauces made in the traditional ways. We use a generous amount of citrus juice (yuzu, daidai, yuko, kabosu, and sudachi), and add soup stock made from bonito, kombu seaweed, and shiitake mushroom to complete the beautiful flavours.



Fermented Vinegars:

Our fermented vinegars are made in the traditional Japanese way. Marusho company uses only the highest quality of unpolished rice which is grown in the field of around the producing area, and spring water that comes from the same water source as Nachi Falls. The vinegars are completely handmade, and are fermented for a long period of time, in general about 500 days. Very special care is taken before the fermentation process is completed.

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