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Nachi Kurokomesu is a traditionally made rice vinegar. Marusho uses the highest quality unpolished sticky rice that is grown in his or other paddy fields near the Kumano River, whose groundwater comes from the same water source as Nachi Falls.

All Marusho products are completely handmade and ferment for a long period (about 500 days) with special care before the fermentation ends.

No one in the world except Seiji Kosaka, the third president of Marusho Jozomoto, can produce vinegar that is made solely from water and unpolished sticky rice. Marusho uses highly valuable undiluted vinegar, especially for Nachi-Kurokomesu.

In 2007, Marusho participated in the "Monde Selection" contest and received the Grand Gold Quality Award: this means that he obtained more than 95 points out of 100, then he won the award consecutively in 2008, 2009 and 2010, and also received the international trophy of high quality.

In addition, they won the Superior Taste Award in the iTQi (International Taste & Quality) competition, often considered a more prestigious competition than Monde Selection, for the third consecutive year in 2009.

Ingredients: unpolished glutinous rice.

Nachi Kurokomesu / Nachi Sticky Rice Vinegar - 300 ml

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  • Unpolished sticky rice

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