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produced by  WADAMAN for over 130 years


Subtle et Delicate


Wadaman, based in Osaka since 1883, is recognized as Japan's best sesame roaster. The company grows its own sesame seeds and also sources from the best producers in the world. Wadaman uses traditional roasting techniques combined with ultra-high temperatures and delicate grinding done by special mills.

The entire range of Wadaman products is especially appreciated in Japan and on international markets for the unique delicacy and subtlety of the aromas obtained from the small sesame seeds. These exceptional products are the result of know-how passed down over 5 generations and the passion of Etsuji Wada, master roaster for 45 years, of his son and daughter-in-law who are learning these unique techniques.

Wadaman has been certified as an organic food producer since 2002.

Organic Roasted Sesame Seeds

Organic roasted sesame seeds:

Wadaman roasts three varieties of sesame seeds: white, golden and black. The roasting process is specifically adapted to each type of variety according to their fat content and in order to obtain the most subtle flavors.


The hallmark of Wadaman sesame seeds is their roundness. By roasting the sesame seeds three times (low, high and again low temperature) and making maximum use of the properties of their oil, the shape of the seeds becomes perfectly round. This process makes the texture of the seeds crisp and their flavor very aromatic.

Sesame Pastes

Sesame pastes:

Wadaman makes his sesame paste from roasted seeds by meticulous grinding at low speed and low temperature using a ceramic grinding wheel. The seeds pass through a mill four or five times, until the correct oil content is reached, creating a unique smooth and creamy texture with a rich flavor and intense aroma.


Characterized by their sweetness, Wadaman sesame pastes enhance dishes without taking over. Being extremely versatile due to their deep aroma and unique texture, they lend themselves to savory and sweet dishes with bold flavors such as fish, meat, vegetable dishes and desserts and sauces.


Sesame oil naturally separates from the dough, when opening the jars, mix well with a spoon until the contents are homogeneous.


Many of our customers highly recommend this product.

Organic Extra Virgin Sesame Oils

Organic Extra Virgin Sesame Oils:

Wadaman Organic Extra Virgin Sesame Oils are authentically unique and are made with the lightest pressing possible. 5kg of seeds are needed to create 1 liter of oil and all the oil comes from the very first pressing. Expert roasting of the seeds ensures they are roasted to the core, giving them an exquisite flavor with a plump seed perfectly suited for pressing. With an extremely delicate texture, a bright and clear color and an absolutely subtle flavor, Wadaman oils represent the quintessential sesame oils produced to date.


Their flavor is so fine and delicate that they can even be used with a completely surprising result with sushi or sashimi with a little fleur de sel without overpowering the flavor of the fish. Sesame oil is also used in dressings and sauces, marinades for meat, fish, tofu, sushi and sashimi. Used sparingly, they enhance flavors without being too strong. Just a light drizzle, added just before serving, will perfectly complement freshly steamed or fried vegetables.

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