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Champonzu is a creative take on the traditional ponzu sauce that uses many different citrus juices. Marusho uses a generous amount of yuzu, daidai, yuko, kabosu, and sudachi, and adds soup stock (bonito, kombu seaweed, and shiitake mushroom).

Ponzu? "If you buy a ponzu, buy this one" So says one of our great Japanese chef customers who chooses this ponzu over his own homemade ponzu! Each bottle is bursting with citrus, plum, and amazake sweetness and a rich depth of flavor. Serve with sashimi and sushi, season a salad, marinate meat, season fish.

Ingredients: Citrus (yuzu, daidai, yuko, kabosu, and sudachi), Japanese apricot, honjozo shoyu (soy sauce, including soybeans and wheat), hon mirin, amazake, natural broth (bonito, kombu seaweed, and shiitake mushroom).

Champonzu / Mixed Citrus Ponzu Sauce - 700 ml

SKU: 8890004