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from KUNITORAYA PARIS 棒うどんソース国虎屋


Considered the emperor of the Japanese quarter of Paris, Masafumi Nomoto from Kōchi in Japan is busy producing the most perfect udon noodles in the city in an artisanal and manual way with a most pleasant "koshi" elasticity. Through its 3 KUNITORAYA brands, one in Kōchi in Japan and two in Paris, it is not surprising that his restaurants are considered among the best authentic Japanese restaurants in the Capital.

In addition to his passion for photography and jazz, Nomoto san shows an impressive creativity and ingenuity in the design of his restaurants: he makes us travel from Aki in Kōchi, Japan with a traditional Udon-Ya to a second one located at 1 rue Villedo in Paris, looking like a New York bistro in Soho, and ending up at number 5 on the same street in the Roaring Twenties of the turn of the century with its gourmet restaurant. It is in the latter that we find a typical old zinc, antique mirrors, an open kitchen and, above all, an exceptional modern Franco-Japanese menu that will make some of the city's big Michelin stars turn pale.


And finally, the latest addition to Nomoto san's imagination is Stand TORA, a small Whisky bar that takes us straight back to the cozy atmosphere so special to bars in Japan!

Kunitoraya, 乙-683-1 穴内 Aki, Kōchi 784-0032, Japon

Kunitoraya, 1 rue Villedo 75001 Paris, France

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Kunitoraya, 5 rue Villedo 75001 Paris, France

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Stand TORA
6 rue de la Sourdière 

75001 Paris, France

Udon and Sauces from KUNITORAYA PARIS:

It is thanks to this creative genius that we have the honor to be able to present to you a small part of Kunitaraya know-how with the sauces, umami sauce cubes and of course the udon selected by Mr. Masafumi!