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Some might have you believe that the name Aki Tora (“The Tiger of Aki”) comes from the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, which uses Aki City as its spring training field, but don’t be fooled. The name actually derives from Aki Kunitora, a feudal lord with a fiery history who once resided in the local castle. In this land of Kochi, rich in dry sakes, Arimitsu Shuzi wanted to produce a sake with sweetness, which nourishes the hearts.


Akitora is a Junmai sake that will be by your side whenever you want to spend time relaxing, thinking alone, or having a good time with your friends.


Tasting notes: Round and accessible body that goes well with meat dishes. Pleasant Koji notes of steamed rice, with strong acidity and good umami.


Pairings: Meat, gyoza, sukiyaki, stew, yakitori.

AKITORA Junmai Sake 安芸虎 純米 720ml

  • BRASSEUR : Arimitsu Shuzo

    PRÉFECTURE : Kochi

    TOJI : Yoshiyuki Ogi


    • Junmai • Saké de riz pur
    • Ginjo • Riz poli au maximum à 61%

    TEMPÉRATURE DE SERVICE : Froide (10 – 15 ), ambiante(20 – 25 ), chaude (35 – 45)

    TYPE DE RIZ : Yamada Nishiki

    POLISSAGE DU RIZ/Seimai Buai : 60%

    TITRAGE : 15%

    GRADE/SMV : +2,0

    VOLUME : 720 ml



    Conservez le saké dans un endroit frais et sombre, en essayant d'éviter la lumière directe du soleil, idéalement au réfrigérateur.

    Une fois ouvert conserver impérativement au réfrigérateur, et consommer sous 4 à 5 semaines.

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