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ZERO sake was launched in 2018 when the brewery restarted, inspiring its name.


It is made with Ginnosato rice and hydrangea flower yeast, both of which are harvested locally.


It is brewed using the special kijōshu method, in which sake replaces water. A process which gives it more sweetness, complex flavors and a unique texture.

A sweet sake with aromatic grape notes.


Tasting notes: It has a light, sweet and refreshing aroma, and after a gentle attack, the fruity sweetness of the grape spreads like spring water, and it is sweet. The slightly bluish acid gives it a refreshing feel, and the sweet and sour flavors mix slowly, creating a long, firm aftertaste that creates a relaxing and pleasant moment...


Pairings: Meats, tuna belly, cheese.



Ashigarigō ZERO Infinity Sake ∞零号∞ 720ml

SKU: SK005
  • Brewer: Seto Shuzo, 1865

    Region: Kanagawa

    Type: Namachozō
    Rice: Ginnosato (locally farmed)