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The brand name Yamatoshizuku comes from "Yamato Brewery", which was the company's first name when it was established in 1865. 160 years later, Akita Seishu still works in the same spirit as the founders to produce Yamato Shizuku sake. It is characterized by:

  • local rice grown within a 10 km radius of the brewery
  • a special spring water very rich in minerals, drawn from deep within the mountains, in an area that was the bottom of the sea around 15 million years ago


A harmonious sake with a beautiful minerality on the palate, and a touch of sweetness. A light and balanced sake that allows many combinations with different dishes, fish or meat. Nice to whet the appetite.


Tasting note: light body, elegant, refreshing, semi-dry.


Pairings : light dishes, salad, seafood, white fish, sushi/sashimi, tempura.

YAMATO Shizuku Junmai Ginjo Sake やまとしずく純米吟醸 720ml

  • Brewery: Akita Sheishu

    Region: Akita

    Type: Junmai Ginjo 

    Rice: Komachi

    Seimai Buai (polish): 55%

    Alcohol : 16%

    Grade/SMV : +5,0

    Acidity : 1,8

    Volume : 720 ml

    Service: serve chilled or at room temperature

    Storage: away from light and heat. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 4 to 5 weeks.


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