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This sake is unfiltered, giving it a wider range of flavors than other Juyondai. It retains its silky texture and fruity, floral aroma. Polished to 55%, this sake has plenty of umami.

The sake rice used is a cross strain between Yamashu No.4 “山酒4号” and Miyamanishiki “美山錦”.

One of the most affordable Juyondai, this is a good entry into the world of ultra-premium sake.


Tasting notes: A transparent, lime-green color with good viscosity and slight sparkle. A straightforward nose with medium-intensity aromas, milky notes (cream, milk, yogurt) and floral notes typical of Ginjo sake (apple, banana, pineapple). On the palate, a semi-dry sake with lots of umami and acidity, where the alcohol is discreet; a silky texture, and all the intensity of milky and fruity notes that persist moderately into the finish. In conclusion: a richly-flavored, refreshing sake, almost sparkling on the palate, offering a very fruity flavor, contrasting with the starchy notes of Junmai-shu.


Pairings: Fish, shellfish, grilled vegetables and meat, Japanese and Thai cuisine.

Tagaki Juyondai Junmai Ginjo NAKADORI MUROKA Sake 1800ml

  • Brewer: Takagi Shuzo
    Region: Yamagata
    Type: Juyondai Junmai Ginjo
    Rice: Yamadanishiki
    Seimai Buai (rice polishing): 50%.
    Alcohol grade: 15%
    SMV (sake grade): +5
    Size: 1800 ml
    Serving temperature: very cool 5° C
    Storage: away from heat and light, ideally in the refrigerator. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 4-5 weeks.

  • Juyondai is considered the world's most mysterious, sought-after and expensive sake.

    Juyondai sake is made by the Takagi Shuzo brewery in Yamagata prefecture, Japan. Founded in 1615, the brewery is an old store that has seen 400 years of ups and downs. There are many brands in the sake industry, such as Dassai, Hakkaisan, Kubota and others. Juyondai is the most famous sake brand, originating from the 14th generation of brewers at Takagi Shuzo.

    As the most sought-after sake on the market, Juyondai is expensive. But the brewery also offers an entry-level sake that remains premium, equivalent to or better than the best wine produced by other brewers.

    Juyondai's success is largely due to its unique fragrant fruity aroma and fresh taste, which make it even more special in the traditional Japanese sake market. Juyondai is also unique in its selection of sake rice. Takagi Shuzo has developed its own rice varieties and yeast to create an exclusive taste.

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