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Tenonaruhoue is a sake made using the traditional Kimoto-Zukuri method, dating back 300 years. A long and complex manufacturing process, using steam, which brings out the full aromatic palette of Omachi rice. The result is a pure, full-bodied and vivid sake. In one word, the sake of happiness!
A multiple-awarded sake perfect to pair refined and tasty dishes.


Tasting note

Nose: fresh flavors. Palate: delicate taste of hazelnut, then original notes of Maitake mushrooms, koji-chai. And then notes of fresh spices, agave syrup, vanilla, apple-cinnamon. A superb umami finish.



Sea bream sashimi, Kinmedai (splendid alfonsino) Kanto style, simmered dishes.



Setoichi TENONARUHOUE Sake (To the person whose hands ring) 手の鳴る方へ 720ml

SKU: SK016
  • Producer: Seto Shuzō

    Region: Kanagawa

    Type: Junmai ginjō

    Rice: Omachi

    Seimai Buai (polish): 60%

    Yeast: Association No. 7

    Alcohol: 17%

    SMV: +2

    Acidity: 1.6

    Serve: room temperature

    Size: 720 ml


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