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Brewed from Omachi rice and Kumamoto yeast (KA-1), it is a classic, light and tasty sake that will take you on a journey down memory lane. Fermented at low temperature, it develops unique aromas that go perfectly with the simplest Japanese dishes.


Tasting note

A sake with a brilliant color. The KA-1 yeast used gives it many of the aromas and flavors characteristic of Omachi rice. Fermented at low temperature, it develops fresh aromas of melon and vanilla, and a rich, silky and creamy texture. It is sipped at temperature, both to evoke sweet memories and to accompany simple snacks.



Sashimi (white fish, scallops), sushi, tofu, cold chawan mushi (steamed egg flan), edamame, Japanese cuisine in general

Setoichi HARUBARU Sake (All the way) はるばる 720ml

38,88 €Precio
  • Producer: Seto Shuzō

    Region: Kanagawa

    Type: Junmai ginjō (namachozō)

    Rice: Omachi 100%

    Seimai Buai (polish): 60%

    Yeast: KA1 (Kumamoto)

    Alcohol: 15%

    SMV: +3

    Acidity: 1.3

    Size: 300ml, 720 ml

    Serve: 10-15°C

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