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This timeless classic from Junmai Kimoto has been many years in the making. It was first released on the Japanese market over 35 years ago, in 1983, at a time when, thanks to the jizake boom, sakes such as ginjo and junmai were finally gaining recognition.

"The raison d'être of sake is to enhance the pleasure of food": Daishichi's Kimoto sake is a reminder of this simple truth. When you have a delicious meal in front of you, you say to yourself: "Junmai Kimoto would be just perfect with this! And as you take a sip of the tasty sake, you'll find that your appetite is whetted. A thought will then naturally come to mind "This deserves to be accompanied by a sumptuous meal."

There is definitely an intimate relationship between sake and food.

Rich and mellow, Daishichi sakes are all exceptional examples of kimoto sake. They come to life with a meal and are the perfect accompaniment to refined cuisine. Celebrated around the world, they have opened a new chapter in the history of superb sakes.

This Junmai Kimoto Daishichi is best enjoyed at room temperature, around 15 degrees, or slightly warmer.


Tasting notes: Classic kimoto junmai lactic-style aromas. Well-balanced and very good sake for cooked meals.


Pairings: Grilled beef with miso (hoba miso-yaki), Hamachi teriyaki (buri), Yose-nabe hot-pot, kara-age fried chicken

DAISHICHI Kimoto Junmai Sake 大七 純米生もと 720ml

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  • Brewer : Daïshichi Brewery, 1752

    Region : Fukushima

    Type : 

    • Junmai - Pure rice sake
    • Kimoto - The most traditional brewing method: no lactic acid is added to initiate the "pied de cuve"; the "pied de cuve" is stirred by hand with wooden sticks every 6 hours for several days.

    Rice : Gohyaku Mangoku

    Seimai Buai (rice polish) : 69%

    Yeast : Kyokai No 7

    Alcohol grade: 15%

    SMV (sake grade): +3,0

    Acidity: 1,8

    Serving temperature: room temperature (15°C) or slightly heated

    Size : 720 ml

    Storage: away from light and heat, ideally in a cool place. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 4 to 5 weeks.

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