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The spirit of authenticity of the master brewer Yukio Kobayashi is revealed by the composition of Otomonaku sake: Yamada Nishiki rice, M-310 yeast and water from the nearby Tanzawa River. As a result, a multiple rewarded premium sake, refreshing and sweet on the palate. Otomonaku means "without any sound", evoking winter time when nature is asleep. The sleek design of the label recalls snowy landscape as one can be glimpsed through the window. A soothing sake to share with family or friends to go with warm food. Enjoy!


Tasting note

Nose: mild aromatic profile. Palate: silky texture, full-bodied with fruity aromas of ripe apple. Very fine finish. A sake awarded several times in the Kura Master competition.



Hot dish, meat, grilled fish and vegetables.



Setoichi OTOMONAKU Sake (no sound) 音も無く 720ml

SKU: SK013
  • Producer: Seto Shuzō

    Region: Kanagawa

    Type: Junmai ginjō

    Rice: Yamadanishiki

    Seimai Buai (polish): 60%

    Yeast: M-310

    Alcohol: 16%

    SMV: -1

    Acidity: 1.3

    Serve: body temperature, warming the glass in your hand.

    Size: 720 ml


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