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A major importer in Europe of fresh products from Japan, our company has the privilege of cooperating directly with the Toyosu fish market in Tokyo: 

the largest fish market in the world.

Follow us and discover our fish in the TF1 filming for the Grands Reportage TV program dedicated to the Toyosu fish market in Tokyo.

All of our exceptional products are fabulous companions for your everyday recipes and dishes

cooked at home as a catering enthusiast or professional.

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Toyosu Market (豊洲市場, Toyosu Shijō) which opened on October 11, 2018 on Toyosu Island in Tokyo Bay is the world's largest fish market with more than 1,000 tons of seafood products. exchanged every day.


Toyosu Market replaces the legendary Tsukiji Market (築地市場, Tsukiji shijō) which opened its doors on February 11, 1935, itself replacing the old Nihonbashi Market destroyed during the Great Kantō Earthquake of 1923 .


The enormous Toyosu Market of over 40 hectares consists of three main buildings:

  • That of wholesalers containing the different auction rooms such as those, among others, tuna, sea urchin tongues, shrimps, or live fish. This building also contains the impressive storage tank for fish, cephalopods and other live seafood products.

  • That of the 500+ resellers in the Intermediary Market who obtain their supplies exclusively from wholesalers, and who sell directly to restaurateurs and certain individuals. This building is connected via underground walkways to the wholesalers' building. It is well known to the public as it was frequently visited by tourists from all over the world, and many reports have been made about this part of Tsukiji Market.

  • The last building, less known, is that of fruits and vegetables where auctions of products such as fresh wasabi, melons, strawberries, etc. take place.

Marché de Toyosu.jpeg

Since the opening of the Toyosu Market, one of the main goals of which was to control the incessant flow of tourists in order to let the approximately 60,000 market workers work in peace, it has been impossible to enter the enclosure of the Toyosu Market. Wholesalers (1).


Visitors can, however, see the auction of different species of tuna and the movement of other products from a glass and closed observatory ("Touristic Visitor's deck") on the first floor of the building. There is a second open observatory called the "VIP deck" which is located just above the level of the auction of fresh and frozen tuna and swordfish. This observatory is located below the upper observatory for tourists, and it is reserved for professionals, the media , to special guests of Toyosu Market or the government. It is also possible for the lucky ones to win an entry ticket by participating in a lottery at the Toyosu Market site. 

The same is true for the buildings of the Fish Intermediaries Market (2) and Fruits and Vegetables (3) where special observatories were built to watch the operations of these 2 markets. We no longer walk around the Tsukiji market as we did before, more or less freely, except under special authorization.


However, in the upper part of the Marché des Intermédiaires building is the Uogashi Yokocho Market (2) hosting the famous sushi restaurants and food shops. Another temporary market called “Edomae Jokamachi” (4) was opened in January 2020 at the foot of Shijo-mae station which brings together in 3 different areas 21 shops and restaurants with the aim of recreating an “atmosphere” of old Tokyo, style Edomae.

On February 1, 2024, a new building (5) was inaugurated next to the Intermediaries Market and opposite the Fruit and Vegetable Market. Inspired by the urban landscape of the Edo period, it is named "Senkyaku Banrai" and aims to revitalize the Toyosu market. It is a large shopping complex between amusement park and food temple that offers a diverse range of restaurants and shops that allow local and international visitors to get a real taste of the products of Toyosu Market.



You can find more information about Toyosu Market on the sites below:


Our cooperation with TOYOSU

Our company, a major importer in France of fresh products from Japan, has the privilege and great honor of cooperating with the most important wholesaler in the Toyosu Market: the company Chuo Gyorui Co. Ltd, also called Marunaka. ​

Marunaka alone represents more than 25% of all volumes sold on the market, or more than 250 tonnes daily, and manages the supplies and distribution of more than 2,000 different seafood products on the Japanese domestic market and abroad. 'international.


Since 1947, the Itoh family was part of the group of four founding fathers of the Tsukiji Market who created the very first Association representing the wholesalers of the Tsukiji Market. This hierarchical structure between the Wholesalers and Intermediaries markets was the backbone of the smooth functioning of the modern Tokyo market and its global reputation from the beginning; this model still continues today.

Every week we import a wide variety of exceptional fresh produce

from Japan.

We work closely with our partner at Toyosu Market to constantly expand our product portfolio

and meet the most demanding requirements of

our European and Japanese chef and distributor partners.


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