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Shirakawago Awanigori Junmai is a cloudy, lightly pressed sparkling sake produced from Akebono rice, a local Gifu variety. Its effervescence is produced by secondary fermentation in the bottle.


This sparkling nigori sake made in the Junmai style is unique and refreshing on the palate, a different type of nigori that you don't see often! It is light on the palate while maintaining a robust rice flavor.

This modern take on the Shirakawago brand, Shirakawago Sasanigori Junmai Ginjyo was born from a collaboration between Miwa Shuzo and WOJ (Wine of Japan) to produce a nigori sake that is smoother and lighter than traditional Doburoku, with a broader palatability.

An elegant, delicate and refreshing sake.


Tasting note: A powerful sparkling wine with a rich texture. It is mellow, balanced and slightly sweet, with fresh notes of green apple and gourmet flavors of banana and coconut.


Pairing: As an aperitif, Iberian or parm ham, oysters, blue cheeses.

Shirakawago Awa-Nigori Sparkling Sake 白川郷 炭酸純米 泡にごり酒 500ml

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  • Brewery : Miwa Shuzo, 1837

    Region : Gifu

    Type: Junmai Sparkling Nigori 

    Rice :  Akebono (local variety)

    Seimai Buai (rice polish): 70%

    Yeast: Kyokai no7

    Alcohol: 11%

    Grade/SMV : -50

    Acidity : 1,5

    Service temperature : chilled (10°)

    Size : 500ml

    Storage: away from light and heat, better in the fridge. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume asap.

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