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A sparkling pure rice sake, smooth and elegant, with silky bubbles that are produced during secondary fermentation. A sake that enhances food.


Hand-brewed, Suzune Wabi sake is made from high-quality rice from sustainable agriculture. A method of cultivation in which the Ichinokura brewery has been involved since 2004 with local farmers. Drawn from 100 meters deep, from rich local natural resources, the water used is soft and has a delicious taste that is found in this sake. A sake that is brewed entirely by hand, a return to the origins of fermentation desired by Ichinokura. Brewery workers use their 5 senses to ensure the production of koji rice, the most important process in sake brewing.


Tasting notes: Its taste is complex but very fresh and reminiscent of fruits, such as peaches and lychees. It has a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.


Pairings: Bruschetta and other appetizers, cheese, quiche, seafood, grilled chicken, etc.

SUZUNE WABI Premium Sparkling Sake すず音 わび 375ml

27,80 €Price
  • Brewery : Ichinokura

    Region : Miyagi

    Type: Sparkling Junmai Ginjo 

    Rice : Shunyo & Toyonishiki

    Seimai Buai (polish): 65%

    Alcohol: 5%

    Grade/SMV : -70 ~ -90

    Acidity : 4,3

    Service temperature: very cool

    Size : 375 ml

    Storage: away from light and heat, ideally in the refrigerator. After opening, keep cool and consume quickly.

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