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This Junmai Ginjo sake offers a fresh peach aroma and sweet flavor. From the moment you put it in your mouth, a fruity acid appears on the surface and develops. This acidity is supported by an elegant sweetness, and leaves a clean finish. We clearly feel the combination of Yamada Nishiki and 1401 yeast, giving a rich and delicate taste.


Tasting notes: Peach scent for a rich, fruity, clear taste.


Pairings: Seafood, raw fish, oysters.

Namino-oto ETOKODORI Junmai Ginjo 浪の音 ええとこどり 純米吟醸 720ml

  • Brewer : Naminooto Shuzo, 1805

    Region: Shiga


    • Junmai • Pure rice sake
    • Ginjo • rice polish from 51% to 60%

    Rice: Yamada Nishiki

    Seimai Buai (rice polish) : 50%
    Yeast : K-1401

    Alcohol grade : 15,6%

    Serving temperature : cold (7 - 10°C)

    Size : 720 ml

    Storage: away from light and heat, ideally in a cool place. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 4 to 5 weeks.

  • Namino Oto Shuzo is a small brewery run by 3 brothers and is located on the banks of beautiful Lake Biwa with lush surrounding nature. It is a brewery that has for over 200 years focused on detailed and continuous work during the entire brewing process, wanting each bottle to be the best. The philosophy of the brewery is to challenge innovation while keeping the manufacturing tradition.

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