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Melt water from Mount Gassan, the highest peak of the three Dewa Mountains, is filtered in a process that takes 300 to 400 years, and emerges directly at the foot of the Gassan Shuzo Brewery. The brewery makes its sake using this pure spring water, which has been selected among the top 100 in Japan.
This Junmai Daiginjo sake is made by master brewer Mr. Nunomiya and reflects the culture of Yamagata Prefecture. It uses "Yamada Nishiki", considered the rice par excellence for brewing sake, as well as the local variety "Dewa Sansan" which makes it a perfect marriage. Yamada Nishiki rice, a rice that contains more starch, when brewed for long periods at low temperatures, creates a bright, strong flavor. Storing at a temperature close to that of ice cream for the aging phase also results in a slightly sweet taste.
This sake offers a rich experience for our palate which is first greeted by a deep aroma and then quickly by a rich umami. This Junai Daiginjo also presents a refreshing bouquet and a soft and refined taste.


Tasting notes: elegant, refreshing, clear and semi-dry on the finish.


Pairings: seafood, sushi, sashimi, oysters, pork belly.



GINREI GASSAN Junmai Daiginjo Sake 銀嶺月山 720ml

SKU: SK023
  • Brewery : Gassan Shuzo

    Region : Yamagata

    Type : Junmai Daiginjo 

    Vintage : 2019

    Rice : Yamada Nishiki and Dewa Sansa

    Seimai Buai (rice polish): 40%

    Alcohol : 16%

    Grade/SMV : +2,0

    Acidity : 1,3

    Size : 720 ml

    Service temperature: chill

    Storage: away from light and heat. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 4 to 5 weeks.

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