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Loving your wasabi with sushi or sashimi?


The truth is that 99% of “wasabi” served in restaurants, even in Japan, is not wasabi but water mixed with a powder made of horseradish, mustard, green chemical coloring and some other not really good additives for your body.


Real fresh wasabi is indeed indigenous from Japan and has been showing more and more attention for the past five years in the Western world.....


Based in Tokyo, Barcelona and Paris, ISSé.co.JP is born from a passion for Japan that started over 25 years ago in Los Angeles, and that nurtured from encounters of truly amazing people from across the world.

Over the years, they have showed us the way to the magnificence of Washoku. And we are now dedicated to share our experience and discoveries about Japanese food culture and associated life-style through our company.

On our site you will find products we are using, tasting, eating and drinking constantly in our kitchen with our family, friends and anyone who loves discovering and sharing new flavors and their passion. And some of these products are also really really good for your health!

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